Why you shouldn’t trust a cowboy with your teeth

By | Whitening

Blame it on Hollywood or Love Island, but it seems like everyone wants whiter teeth these days.

If you’re on a tight timeline or budget, it’s perhaps understandable that you might be tempted by the high street cowboys’ special offers, or by whitening products available online.

But with a recent BBC exposing the prevalence of illegal teeth whitening, it’s more important than ever that you’re armed with the facts. The practice is on the rise in the UK, carried out by beauticians who have no training and use products containing as much as 300 times the legal amount of bleaching agent. The results can include excruciating pain, blistering, swelling and even burns, along with long-term tooth sensitivity. So alarming is the extent of the problem, that the government is now increasing the fines they levy on illegal practitioners.

The good news is that, when done right, teeth whitening is a cost-effective dental procedure that produces excellent cosmetic results. And the emphasis here really is on the dental. Because, by law, it can only be carried out by a dental professional who is registered with the General Dental Council. And really, who would you rather trust your teeth to – your local high street cowboy or someone who has years’ worth of medical and dental training?

Here at Carbasse Implant and Dental Centre, we carry out teeth whitening that is both safe and effective. We make custom trays for you to use and provide you with prescription-strength whitening gel that is specifically chosen to provide your desired result but without hurting your teeth or gums. You’ll then wear the trays in the privacy of your home, for short periods over the course of about two weeks, until your teeth are the shade of white you’d hoped for.

So don’t jeopardise your smile for the sake of whitening when you can have it done safely by us – book in Carbasse Implant and Dental Centre for a professional teeth whitening consultation.

And if you know someone who’s thinking of hitting the high street, tell them what you know and send them our way. Remember, friends don’t let friends get illegal whitening!