Carbasse Implant & Dental Centre treatment fees

All our dental treatment plans are specific to the needs of each patient – however, the following price guides give an indication of our fees. Please choose from the options below to view the fees for specific treatments.


General Fees

This Fee Scale has been produced to provide an indication of the costs of your dental treatment. They are based on the time, the complexity of the treatment and the laboratory work involved.

All patients will be given an estimate before the start of their treatment and will be informed of any changes to their costs during treatment.

The practice policy is for payment to be made as treatment is received. We accept all major credit cards, Switch and Delta cards.

A deposit will be requested when undertaking treatment plans involving dentures, crowns, or bridges.

General fees list

Recall Examination (Patients who have been seen in the last 2 years)
2 X-Rays (to include taking and reading)
Additional x-rays
£14.00 each
New Patient Examination
Treatment with the hygienist
Amalgam Fillings
from £125.00
White Fillings
from £139.00
Extractions (dependant upon degree of difficulty and number of teeth)
from £165.00
Crowns (all ceramic)
from £765.00
Crowns (porcelain bonded)
from £765.00
Crowns (gold)
from £885.00
Crowns (veneers)
from £765.00
Price per requirement
Partial Dentures (metal)
from £1,200.00
Partial Dentures (acrylic)
from £425.00
Full dentures (upper and lower, acrylic)
from £1,575.00
Optident teeth whitening

Dental Implant Fees

Initial consultation plus intra-oral radiographs
3 Dimensional scanning
from £175.00
OPG radiograph

Please use the following figures as a guide. Each case is quoted for individually.

Single tooth implant with crown
from £2,525.00

Bridges are calculated per implant and per pontic:

3 unit cement retained bridge following a two stage surgical procedure supported on two implants
Localised bone grafting procedure at the time of implant placement

Endodontic fees

Initial consultation
Incisors and Canines
Post Removal
Use of MTA
£200.00 per arch
Core filling after root canal treatment
from £150.00
Operative investigation
Review appointment

Orthodontic fees


Initial consultation
from £2,375
Lingual braces (per arch)
from £3,665
Ceramic fixed braces (per arch)
from £2,375
Metal fixed braces (per arch)
from £2,180


Clear retainer (single arch)
Clear retainer (both arches)
Acrylic & wire retainer (single arch)
Acrylic & wire retainer (both arches)
Fixed wire retainer (single arch)
Fixed wire retainer (both arches)
from £150.00

Periodontic fees

Initial Consultation with X-rays

To include a full periodontal assessment recording plaque scores, recession, mobility, furcation involvement and loss of attachment plus intra-oral x-rays if required. A written treatment plan for both the patient and referring practitioner will be provided.

Active treatment

Active treatment includes appointments for oral hygiene advice, oral hygiene review, root surface disinfection under local anaesthetic (possible multiple) and periodontal reassessment following this phase of your treatment, (usually three months later).

The number of root surface disinfection appointments required vary from patient to patient and is dictated by the extent of disease and the number of teeth present. Thus fees range from £460.00 to £1000.00. An estimate for your treatment need will be given to you at the beginning of your treatment.

Quoted individually
3 Dimensional scanning
OPG radiograph
Supportive periodontal therapy

Facial Aesthetics

Consultation with Marc Carbasse or Alina Oteseanu
Botulinum Toxin: 1 area
Botulinum Toxin: 2 areas
Botulinum Toxin: 3 areas
Dermal fillers 1 area
Dermal fillers 2 areas