You may have spotted that it’s now possible to buy clear aligners remotely over the internet without setting foot in a dental practice. But please think about this very carefully. Orthodontists are here for a reason, to make a thorough examination of your mouth and jaw, advise on exactly the right treatment for you and supervise every step of the way, from consultation to completion.

Orthodontic clear aligners, used to discreetly guide misaligned teeth back into their rightful position, are one of our most popular treatments.

All orthodontic treatment is carried out by our Consultant and Specialist in Orthodontics, Gavin Power, to ensure treatment complies to the strict standards laid down by dentistry’s many regulatory bodies.

There are just some jobs that you shouldn’t do yourself especially when it comes to your oral health and ‘remote teledentistry’, where you are encouraged to take your own impressions, is not one of them. After all, there’s no going back should treatment not give the expected results. Your smile, and your oral health, are just too valuable to risk DIY orthodontics.

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