The practice started offering implant treatment in 2001 and since then we  have placed over 3500 implants and achieved a fantastic success rate of over 99%. I attribute this success to the extensive training we have received and the quality of the implant systems we use. As a practice, we want to provide our patients with the safest, most reliable and predictable outcomes for their treatment and I believe many patients with either a single gap or a full mouth to rehabilitate would benefit from dental implants.

Dental implants lie at the heart of what we do (the clue is in our name!) and many of our patients have already discovered that implants give an excellent result that looks and feels just like natural teeth.

Recent studies have found that replacing missing teeth with dental impants can have a very positive impact on our quality of life, as people feel more confident to talk, smile and laugh if they have no missing teeth and additionally they can eat with confidence, which has many health benefits.

Many people are concerned that dental implants could be an expensive treatment option and there is no doubt that they can initially be more expensive than a conventional bridge or denture. However, over a patients lifetime, they can prove to be a highly cost effective treatment choice.

If you’re interested in understanding how dental implants could benefit you, simply book a consultation with Marc. The usual cost of £125 is reduced to £75 during April and May 2019. Either call us on 01227 273593, or visit