Highly skilled, trustworthy referrals in Whitstable

At Carbasse Implant & Dental Centre, our referrals process is fast and efficient. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Fill out our short online referral form.
We will contact your patient directly to arrange a consultation. Referring dentists are always welcome to accompany their patient at consultations.
The consultation will include a thorough dental examination and an informal, jargon-free discussion about how Carbasse Implant & Dental Centre can achieve your patient's desired outcome. X-rays and photographs will be taken, and CT scans arranged if the patient is happy to go ahead with treatment.
Both you and your patient will receive a detailed report and treatment plan.
Treatment will be carried out at Carbasse Implant & Dental Centre and any follow-up appointments will be arranged.
Once treatment has successfully completed, your patient will be returned to your care.

“"Referring patients to colleagues for specialist treatment infers that I have 100% confidence in the care that they will receive. I have referred ALL my implant cases here, knowing my patients will come back completely satisfied, having had the highest standard of treatment and care. There is no higher praise than that!"”

Dr Howard PatersonBDS DGDP Whitstable

“"Having worked with various implant surgeons over the years, I can definitely say that Marc is right up there with the best of them. Not only is he clinically very sound but is so effortlessly charming that many of my patients have found their treatment with him to be enjoyable, which is quite a feat in the dental world! I find that Marc always works in a logical order, making recommendations and providing solutions, which can be life changing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marc to anyone seeking dental implants."”

Hiten PankhaniaSea Street Dental

Why refer to Carbasse Implant & Dental Centre?

Advanced practitioners working across a wide breadth of disciplines, all under one roof

From dental implants to endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics, our highly educated team covers a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge. We can accept referrals for standalone treatments, or create a treatment plan for your patient covering a variety of clinical solutions.

State-of-the-art surgical suites and in-house technology

From planning to execution, we’re supported by the most advanced systems available to make our referrals service as quick, convenient and comfortable as possible for your patient.

A collaborative approach to your patient’s care

Our referrals policy is to involve you fully in your patient’s treatment planning and procedure, with a promise to return them to your care once treatment is successfully completed.

Refer a patient

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