As demand for teeth straightening seems to show no signs of abating, it’s important to know what orthodontic referral options are available to you in your area.

If you do not offer orthodontic treatment in your practice, you can refer your patients to our specialist orthodontist, Gavin Power. Gavin has been a consultant orthodontist for over 10 years, and under his guidance, we can provide a straightening solution that is tailored to your patients’ needs, no matter their age or complexity of the case.

Our orthodontic services include clear aligners such as Invisalign, cosmetic and traditional fixed braces, orthodontics for children and advanced treatment for complex cases.

Gavin will happily offer advice and treatment to your patients on a referral basis, working alongside you to give your patients the most suitable treatment. We will always send referred patients back to you afterwards, so you can continue to provide them with ongoing dental care.

If you’d like to discuss orthodontic referral options with us, please call 01227 273593 or fill out a referral form on our website.

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