If you’re building up an implant practice it can be quite daunting when a more advanced case comes your way. There is after all only one way to learn… but it’s essential to be supported by experienced implant practitioners as you take on more complex cases.

The 2014 Dental Implant Survey identified that almost half (44%) of all clinicians surveyed admitted to a “lack of confidence” in placing and/or restoring implants. Of the practitioners surveyed who were already placing or restoring implants, over 80% wanted to “improve their skills in implant dentistry”.

There continues to be a need amongst recently qualified implant clinicians for more support in placing their first implants and building up experience, and this is where mentoring and support from existing clinicians become invaluable. Working with an experienced clinician and mentor can prevent you feeling isolated when making complex clinical decisions and handling more advanced implant procedures.

At Carbasse Implant & Dental Centre we are renowned for our expertise in implant dentistry. Our practice principal Marc Carbasse can provide support in Advanced and Complex implant cases to help you build up your skills and experience. Implant placement takes place in his surgery and he can assist and advise you through each step of the case.

Marc also accepts referrals for implant placement only if you wish to still take care of the restorative aspect of the treatment. Or you can refer both implant placement and restoration to us and we’ll take care of it all.

And rest assured, our referrals policy is to involve you fully in your patient’s treatment planning and procedure, with a promise to return them to your care once treatment is successfully completed.

If you’d like to discuss implant referral options with us, please call 01227 273593.

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